Looking for business partners in Europe, Russia/CIS countries?

New corporate relationships and partners are the key element in the business development not only domestically but also on the foreign markets. However, many companies come across barriers in their search for a potential business partners:

—       Where to find them?

—       How to successfully establish first contact?

—       How to gain their interest in your business project?

—       What techniques to use to successfully negotiate?

—       How to sign a contract with maximum benefit?

NeuVenture Global provides tailor-made services in the area of International Business Development and Export Sales to support SME’s in different industries that plan to grow internationally and searching for business partners in Europe, Russia and CIS countries.

We support clients from the initial idea up to the final implementation. Our analytical approach and rigorous methodologies deliver reliable results in a quick and efficient manner. Our combination of intercultural experience & knowledge of multiple languages, local business ethics and mentality help us to build the bridge between different cultures and minimize the pitfalls, that might otherwise hinder the success of a project.

We help companies to achieve their business goals, increase their profitability and successfully launch projects on a Global market smoothly, and in a cost and time effective manner.

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